Supply Chain Management Assistant

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  求人番号 : 10776

Title :                             Supply Chain Management Assistant

Type of Contract :         Permanent

Salary :                          £28,000 - £32,000

Location :                      City of London                       



1.              MAIN PURPOSE OF JOB


To support the Supply Chain Management by acting as the assistant controller of actual operations and also handling in general in-office day-to-day, clerical, administrative tasks relating to the Company’s international trading operation.




This role will report to the Assistant Manager of the Supply Chain Management Division. Controlling the operations on one’s own as instructed by the Assistant Manager and to assist the Assistant Manager in administrative tasks.


Main contacts for the role are Company’s Suppliers and Customers (mainly Group Companies) as well as colleagues in the Corporate Division.


3.              SCOPE OF JOB


1.    Delivery Arrangement (Focus will be on conventional back to back sales, but learning about the Repacking/Stock Operation Arrangement and assisting the Assistant Manager through OJT is included)

-            Where requested, to negotiate with Suppliers on behalf of Group Companies;


-            Coordination of order placing to suppliers, sending offers to customers, monitoring and/or arranging delivery with suppliers or forwarding agents;


-            Documents preparation – Purchase/Sales Contracts, Sales Invoice, shipping documents for EU or Non-EU customers including without limitation, arrangement of Certificates issued by the London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (“LCCI”);


-            Proactive participation into meetings between Suppliers and Group Companies to foresee upcoming businesses; and

-            Physical inventory checking in accordance with Group Rules.


2.    Monitoring Delivery

-            Checking delivery schedule, preparation of shipping documents and invoice to accounting;


-            Managing purchase invoices related to the SCM operation including giving payment instructions to Account Payable.


3.    Recording and Reporting

-            Process all purchase/sales transaction data into the ERP system


-            Monthly Purchase/Sales orders reconciliation;

-            Stock taking as necessary; and


-            Based on request from management and other departments, assist the Manager and/or Assistant Manager to prepare reports and documents relating to sales and purchase transactions (mainly historical data).

-            Filling and Storing documents related to the SCM operation.


4.    Relationship Management with Suppliers/Customers (including Negotiation of Terms) and Other Stake Holders


-            Assisting the Group Companies to agree on terms of sales

-            Special care in making sure shipping documents and labels are prepared in time;


-            Communicating the needs of the Group Companies accurately to the Suppliers and vice versa; and


-            Co-working with the Corporate Division, including without limitation, Accounting in connection with data inputting, invoicing, implementing certain methods of payment (L/C, D/A basis, etc.), and tax analysis, Risk Management as per Section 5 below, and Legal as per Section 5 below.


5.    Risk Management and Compliance


-            Checking the transactions that SCM Team is involved in are running in a way that risk is managed properly and operations are in full compliance with any applicable laws and regulations and company rules.

-            Obtaining information of updates and changes (if any) in relation to applicable rules and regulations, risk management policy/rules that SCM Division would need to comply with;


-            Assisting the Manager or Assistant Manager in preparing internal applications as necessary will be a part of the functions;


-            Making sure the general terms and conditions of sales and purchase are acceptable to the Company, co-working with Legal Dept.;


-            Co-working with the Risk Management Dept. and providing upon request, background information regarding the actual business so that the Risk Management Dept. can prepare accurate business plans.


6.    Troubleshooting


Occasionally, there will be situations where Group Companies need to make claims regarding damaged products, delays in delivery, non-efficacy, and defects of products. The SCM Division shall assist the Group Companies in successfully negotiating for compensation for damages, replacement products, etc. Depending on the significance of the issue, the responsibility will be allocated by the Manager or the Assistant Manager.


7.    Others


(1)    Improvisation


Observing the actual business operations, changes, and trend and considering improvement of SCM Operations and giving suggestions. Assist the Manager, Assistant Manager in the implementation of such improvements


(2)    Back-Office Routine Duties


London headquarters is run through a small office with a limited number of staff. The employee will be requested to help out by proactively handling any necessary back-office routine duties.


(3)    Other SCM Related Matters


The above is not an exhaustive list. The employee is expected to take a proactive approach with a mind that anything that will help the international trading operations run which will be requested by the Assistant Manager and/or other senior member will be within the scope.


4.              QUALIFICATIONS


-   Good PC skills – Word, Excel (Intermediate)

-   Communication skills and service mind-set.


-   Time management skills.

-   Elaborateness and logical thinking.


5.              EXPERIENCE


Experience is not essential as most of the duties will be covered during the training process. Some experience in jobs involving international trading and of working in a small office-based team using an in-house sales order processing system is desirable.


6.              PERSONAL QUALITIES

-   Flexible

-   Accurate, Attention to Detail


-   Good Team Player

-   Confidence


-   Enthusiastic and Self-motivated

-   The Ability to Work on Ones’ own Initiative

-   Excellent Communicator


-   Capability of Problem Hedging and Solving




業界 : 商社・貿易・サプライチェーン;商社(化学)
雇用形態 : 正社員
勤務地 : ロンドン


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