Masumi Shibui


Masumi's background is in stockbroking. She first moved to Frankfurt, Germany a number of years ago to work with Daiwa Securities Group, before relocating to London UK in 1990 to work for a small-medium sized broker house. As her focus was managing Japanese stocks, when the market crashed in 1989, there was a significant decline in the Japanese market which made the business very challenging. She decided to then move to Hawaii, where she worked with Fujitsu to set up an international education organization which taught Japanese people to become Global Leaders. During this time, I also completed my MBA.

I decided to return to the UK in 2000 which was when I first joined JAC Recruitment. I knew I could apply and utilize my stockbroker and MBA knowledge in this business, and provide well-informed support for people who wished to work in the UK from overseas. I had confidence that I could provide the right advice and guidance based on my own set of experiences.



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Masumi Shibui