Japanese Speaking Junior Credit Analyst - Corporate Banking

Job title: Japanese Speaking Junior Credit Analyst - Corporate Banking
Contract type: Permanent
Location: ロンドン
Salary: £35K - £50K
Start date: 14 Jul 2021
Job Reference: 11382
Contact details: Takashi Kobayashi
Contact email:
Contact-phone: +44 (0) 20 7489 2990
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Current job holder:



Post name:


Senior Clerk/ Officer/ Assistant Manager of Fund Finance Group



Fund Finance Group

Functional job title:


Credit Analyst and Administrator




Credit monitoring and reviewing

    1. The job holder is responsible for the continuous monitoring of the fund finance portfolio, taking timely actions if there is any potential deterioration of the portfolio.
    2. The job holder is responsible for reviewing existing customers/transactions regularly and making reports such as annual rating reviews, quarterly assessment reports etc. in a timely manner.
    3. Where a loan roll over is required or new transaction is identified, the job holder supports team member’s analysis of each risk of client/transaction in accordance with Credit Policy set by HO, and then supports to prepare the good quality and succinct internal credit application and periodical monitoring reports which includes detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis and documentation review.


Deal with daily operations

    1. There are daily operations such as a drawdown request/repayment notice from customers. The job holder checks if the request and notice are matching the agreement between the customer and the Bank, and then deals with it internally.


Loan agency function

    1. Proactively manage events related to portfolio of facilities including fee and loan related claims, calculations, advices, rate-fixing, and settlements.
    2. Communicate and negotiate with a variety of stakes holders, including borrowers, asset managers, another bank’s agents, other banks in order to administer events on a portfolio of loans
    3. Liaise with agent banks (where appropriate) to determine roll overs, rate setting, loan and interest repayments, as well as ensure said payments are received in a timely manner.
    4. Manage database that shows loan maturities and expected payments, ensuring the team is adequately informed in advance regarding these maturities.



Knowledge/skill (examples)

Level required




Japanese is desirable to deal with Japanese related matters.

Product knowledge

Skills and knowledge about finance and loan related matters.

Several years of experience in loan business are desirable.

Knowledge of accounting, legal documentation and credit analysis

Some knowledge about the loan market standard like accounting, legal documentation and credit analysis

UK Work Permit

No UK work permit support will be provided.