JAC Recruitment

Our specialised consultants bring people and companies together. Our highly experienced professionals know the industries inside out, and it is only after forming an in-depth understanding of our client's needs through consultation that we will skilfully match and place the most suitable candidate.

<Our Areas of Expertise>

Electrical, Mechanical & Chemical

For clients in the manufacturing industry we provide project managers, all types of engineers, designers, researchers, developers and manufacturing managers as well as sales and marketing managers etc.

IT & Telecommunications

For clients in IT and Telecommunications, we provide system engineers, project managers and sales engineers etc.

Accountancy & Finance

For back office departments we provide accountancy & finance, business planning, legal, HR and general administration specialists.

Medical / Pharmaceuticals / Bioscience

We specialise in the areas of medicine, bioscience, clinical study, medical services & medical machinery etc. Within the wider medical sector we provide highly experienced candidates and management positions.

Consumer Goods / FMCG / Fashion・Clothing

FMCG such as food, beverage and cosmetics, fashion/clothing/apparel industries and luxury-brands are our expertise.

Banking & Financial Services

For clients in financial institutions we provide financial specialists. Experts in IB, M&A, institutional sales and risk management, primary sales, dealers, analysts and fund managers etc.

Consumer & Commercial Services

For clients in diverse industries such as Human Resources, Education, e-business, Entertainment, Marketing, Trading, Distribution, Logistics, Real Estate, Hotel and Catering Industry etc., we have an impressive candidate line-up.

Cross-border Recruitment

Our expertise is in placing specialists and managers in both overseas expat roles and local hire through exporting or importing those candidates across countries.


JAC holds a large database of multilingual candidates throughout our group of companies.
Most of our candidates have English as either their first or second language. We have a large selection of Bilinguals with Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Indonesian language ability and many more registered in each country's database.

Global Network

The strong presence of JAC across the UK and Asia gives our multinational clients access to our quality candidates. For companies setting up abroad, we also provide candidates who are willing and able to relocate. This is our expertise.