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It all started in 1975 in London, England. Since then, the company has grown rapidly over the past few decades. JAC Recruitment Group now operates in 11 countries, with 26 offices Across Asia and Europe. Additionally, there are over 1,200 specialist consultants who believe in making the right connections for both client and candidate. It is this strongly held belief that has allowed us to cement our place as one of the leaders in the recruitment industry today. ​

JAC Recruitment CEO


JAC Recruitment Tsunagu

While there are many contributing factors to JAC Recruitment Group’s success, it is mostly due to a fundamental belief in “Tsunagu”, which has been embedded as the core element of our corporate identity.

Directly translated, “Tsunagu” means to pass, to link, or to continue. Therefore, it is only befitting that “Tsunagu” underpins our corporate culture, which is a fusion of the attentive service that is second nature to the Japanese, and a global mindset that has been developed in the UK.

Our Philosophy & Policy

While Tsunagu underpins our corporate culture, our Philosophy & Policy is the foundation for the values we unstintingly uphold. Philosophy comprises values that embody our thinking, whereas Policy places its emphasis on actions taken. Together, our philosophy and policy form the “mind and body” of JAC Recruitment Group.

Philosophy: Freedom & Discipline, Fairness
Policy: Speed, Sincerity, Attitude

JAC Recruitment UK

JAC Recruitment UK started in 1975 as the first location for which JAC Recruitment started its recruitment business. Located in London, the business has now expanded globally and UK now acts as the regional headquarters for the European arm of the business. 

"Placing the right talent in the right jobs at the right companies with joy"

JAC Recruitment UK Director

Areas Of Specialisation

Our areas of specialisation include: Accounting & Finance, Banking & Financial Services, Construction, Engineering & Manufacturing, Healthcare/Pharmaceutical, Human Resources & Office Support, IT & Telecoms, Marketing & Advertising, Sales, SCM, Logistics & Procurement, and Top-level & Consultancy roles. Throughout the years, we have placed many business lManagementeaders in these areas in Malaysia.

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JAC Recruitment UK is continuously committed to contributing to the growth of individuals, companies, economies and societies. Please view the video below to learn more about us. 

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